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How to give a talk

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Description of the course

This course conveys the basics of holding a scientific presentation. 
It encompasses the following main components: 

1) how to structure your scientific talk. 
2) how to gain the audience’s attention. 
3) producing good slides or visual material. 
4) building up confidence and techniques to alleviating stage fright. 

In this interactive workshop you will, in a small group setting , practice presenting. Furthermore, this course gives you the opportunity for interactive reflections and exchange amongst your peers. All other questions in and around the doctorial process are welcomed. 
Teaching and presenting language is English, please attend with sufficient prior knowledge.

You will be added to the MS-Teams group automatically shortly before course begin. If there are any queries or last-minute changes please contact:! In order for the limited spaces to be allocated fairly. 

Target group:

PhD students who would like to improve their presentation skills.

Previous knowledge: 

Good knowledge of English - the course will be held in English!

Number of participants:


ECTS/teaching units:

1,1 ECTS/ 9h


Attention! The course you have chosen may be fully booked. In this case you will be put on a substitution list and will be notified as soon as a place becomes available. In this case you must register for the vacant place quickly.

General information

All courses can only be booked via the Charité's learning objectives platform (link see "Book event" above). The different courses serve to acquire practical doctoral skills.

For a detailed understanding and the concrete application of the individual course contents, it is assumed that the students will independently deal with the taught contents.

You must therefore be able to speak German or English! Otherwise we cannot give you ECTS points for the course.

In the sense of equality, doctoral students with children, relatives in need of care, full-time employees or similar obligations who have problems finding an appointment can contact us by e-mail and we will try to find an individual solution.