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Who we are

The team of the doctoral college consists of students from different disciplines (e.g. medicine, biology, psychology), who offer different course formats as tutors as well as advise on general doctoral questions. There is also a coordinator for organisational matters. The individual course concepts were designed by the students themselves and evaluated by experts.


Patrycja Weichnik-Schmidt (Kontakt:assistenz.dewey(at)charite.de )
PD Dr. Elke Zimmermann (Kontakt:elke.zimmermann(at)charite.de)

Current student staff (Contact: promotion(at)charite.de)

  • Norina Fisher
  • Anne Järve
  • Benedict Marahrens
  • Alina Muskala
  • Hanna Remde
  • Sophia Röhling

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey was appointed speaker by the Faculty Council. He is supported in his tasks and for the further development of the PhD School by a scientific advisory board, to which the following members belong:

  • Prof. Dr. Axel R. Pries (qua Office Dean)
  • Prof. Dr. Achim Kramer (qua Amt Chairman of the Young Investigators Commission)
  • Prof. Dr. Duska Dragun (qua Office Director Clinician Scientist Program)
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl (BIH QUEST)
  • Prof. Dr. Il-Kang Na
  • Prof. Dr. Ute Scholl
  • Prof. Dr. Klemens Budde
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Francis
  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Brandt
  • Dr. Anja Bondke-Persson