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Our goals & target group

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About the college

The doctoral college was founded in 2003 by Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey with the aim of continuously improving the situation of doctoral students at the Charité as well as the quality of scientific doctorates. 

Our goal is to pass on the experiences and tips of doctoral students to other doctoral students, and we regard it as a challenge to promote the exchange of knowledge and the encounter between these doctoral students.

We pursue these targets on three levels:

1. courses: imparting practical doctoral skills in small groups 

2. individual case consultations: individual problems in connection with the doctoral thesis (e.g. 

Support, questions regarding the courses offered, etc.) 

3. platform: promotion of the exchange of doctoral students at the Charité (mutual support of doctoral students) 

Support & Cooperation) 

The team of the Promotionskolleg of the Charité is looking forward to your participation!